Our Vision, Our Philosophy


Care and reliability are our qualities that better represent our philosophy.
The transformation of problems in elements that satisfy our customers is another of our goals.
Solving esthetical and environmental problems, working and realizing with a lot of different materials, using our knowledge of the materials’ properties and of the manufacturing techniques, applying different kind of stones and the right compositions of the materials, focalizing on the concept of Genius Loci, MBA is able to realize the ideas and the states of mind of its customers.
Marmi Bianchini Alberto uses the experience and the tradition for an innovative and contemporary point of view, satisfying different cultures and societies in which our products are intended.
Recognize the personality of each costumer to realize their aspirations through our products and projects is one of our main goals.
MBA uses the sense and the soul of the Italian art through the enhancement of natural materials and techniques acquired thanks to the experiences of past productions.
The competence and the accuracy in each detail on a handmade level of our firm, the family tradition, the heritage passed through six generations, affect totally our production.
The retail designs and the subsequent realizations have the same accuracy and care as a tailor-made suit.
It is not a coincidence that MBA is a synonym of art and manufacturing.
Marmi Bianchini Alberto exploits its competence to realize dreams and expectations of its customers using maximum attention in each phase of the project and production until the complete realization of the artwork.

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