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Alberto Bianchini & C, is located in Ostiglia (Mantua) a city in Northern Italy. We are both innovative manufacturers and leading industry in natural stone processing. Alberto Bianchini & C. was founded by Giuseppe Righetti in 1860; his mission was to offer his clients a distinctive and varied selection of stone colors and finishings. Decades later, his grandnephew Alberto, pursues founder’s vision, still continuing a tradition to produce finest stones. Nowadays Alberto Bianchini & C Marmi has grown to include new stones from worldwide quarries and it utilizes latest production technologies to ensure brand’s legacy. Amongst hundreds of stones produced by Bianchini Marmi, the Project Collection represents its enduring commitment with customers and dedication to bring exceptional stone to life. Our company has been reviewed on popular national and local pubblications upon important contributions in historic preservation areas using materials such as marble and granite.


After selecting the blocks into quarries, they are shipped to our main facility in Ostiglia. Every stone owns unique physical properties. Beauty and value of every individual slab can be estimated only after stone cutting. Just those with best patterns are chosen for the Project Collection. Using the latest technologies, Alberto Bianchini is at the forefront in processing highest quality and most exquisite natural stone slabs. The company continues to evolve through creation of innovative new finishings and offering its passion to explore new paths in natural stone world.


Visit our showroom to experience the beauty and personality of each stone in The Project Collection. The ways in which you can use these extraordinary stones are as unlimited as your imagination.

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